August 27, 2008

Tegan and Sara Interview

Would you say that the literary and music worlds are intertwined?

Absolutely! Actors want to be musicians. Musicians want to be novelists. I think novelists just like what they do [Laughs]. For me, it was extremely gratifying to be able to read a book and interpret it. Augusten's doing the same thing I'm doing. We're writing about our lives. He just takes 400 pages and beautiful word structures. I write rhyming songs over punk rock chords. We're doing the same thing. We just have incredibly different ways of approaching it and passing it onto the world, which I love. It was great to bridge the gaps between our two worlds. I think it's an amazing idea. I really hope that I get to do it more often. We talk about how boring it is to go on tour and simply bring out bands all the time. It's boring in some ways, but it's awesome. We've toured with some of my favorite bands. I've been inspired by what those artists do every night. I always thought it would be cool to bring a writer, comedian or comedy troupe out. I want to involve some other form of artistic expression in our live show. I think this is really an exciting challenge. I like the idea of sitting down with a writer and using different vehicles to get our message across.
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