December 31, 2010

New Music >>> Overlooked albums of 2010 (2)

Darkstar - North

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Forrest Swords - Dagger Paths

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Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal

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Dylan Ettinger - New Age Outlaws

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Mai sunt şi unele care nu-s chiar overlooked, doar că le-am descoperit prea târziu ca să le mai pot trece la categoria New Music (e cam aiurea să pui un album din primăvară în octombrie). Le postez acum, poate vă mai dau idei:

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

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Actress -Splazsh

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Shed - The Traveller

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Michal Dziekan

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New Music >>> M.I.A.

ViCKi LEEKS (M.I.A. Mixtape)

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Leaf Carvings

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Best of 2010. #7: Party Makers

1. Rokolectiv/Chestionabil
Nu neapărat pentru festival, cât mai ales pentru că sunt singurii care reuşesc să păstreze finul echilibrul dintre alegerea artistului, promovare, preţ şi locaţie în aşa fel încât să nu rateze o petrecere.

2. The Mission
Nu aduc nepărat artişti pe gustul meu, dar şi când o fac...

3-4. Circus/The Bubble
La început, dar cu mult potenţial.

5. Maschine
Intră în listă pentru că au adus Actress, nu urcă mai sus de cinci pentru că nu l-au adus unde trebuie.

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December 20, 2010

The Cup Size Choir


Wikileaks hits Romania

An email from Romania asked about Romanian rock musician Teo PeterUS diplomats in Bucharest feared a "stormy downturn" in relations with Romania after fatal road accident involving a US marine stationed at the embassy.
The 2007 cable said many ordinary Romanians were deeply angered as the victim of the road crash was one of Romania's more popular rock musicians, Teo Peter, 50, bass player with the group Compact.
The US embassy cable puts across the concerns of the staff based in Bucharest in no uncertain terms: "In short, we are bracing ourselves for a stormy downturn in the relationship, prompted by the continuing negative legacy of the death of this Romanian cultural icon. Some of the damage to our popular standing and to our interests in Romania may be lasting."
It feared the things would get worse when Peter's family went public with the news that the US had met their multimillion dollar settlement claim with an offer of $80,000:
The popular outcry over what will be seen by most Romanians as an insultingly small offer to Peter's survivors will prompt renewed calls, with much more potential popular support, for the rapid withdrawal of Romanian troops from Iraq. Likewise, backing in the Romanian parliament and among members of the public for the new U.S. troop presence at joint U.S.-Romanian military facilities on the Black Sea will plummet, at least temporarily.
The victim of the car accident, Teo Peter, was travelling in a taxi which was hit by a vehicle being driven by Marine Staff Sargeant Christopher VanGoethem, who worked as an embassy guard. The soldier had diplomatic immunity from prosecution in Romania and he left the country immediately after the 2004 accident.
He was later acquitted of negligent homicide but convicted of making a false official statement to investigators and obstructing justice at a court martial in Virginia. Jason Rodrigues

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Rachel Perry Welty

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